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Leading the domestic and foreign wool industry to embark on a new journey, demonstrating the new prospects of intelligent manufacturing in China's wool industry.

The 18th China (Dalang) International Wool Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Weaving Fair") will be held at the Dalang Wool Trade Center in Guangdong Province from November 2 to November 7 this year. Recently, the reporter learned from the Organizing Committee of the "Weaving Fair" that the exhibition work of the "Weaving Fair" will be fully implemented in early October. Since 2001, we have gradually welcomed the "18-year-old adult ceremony" "weaving exhibition" of "seamless knitting machines to intelligent manufacturing, from new yarn materials to original designs, from domestic influences to international influences". After 18 years of unremitting efforts, Dalang's "Weaving Expo" has become the most famous and influential economic and trade event in the wool spinning industry at home and abroad, and it will continue. Lead the domestic and foreign wool industry to start a new journey.     It is reported that the "Weaving Fair" will last for six days (the first three days are professional exhibitions, and the next three days are open days for audiences). Concurrent events include opening ceremony, design competition, anchor competition, fashion trend release, designer annual meeting, industry forum, etc. "Weaving Expo" will establish a wool trade center as the main venue, and establish a global trade square and a textile world as branch venues. It will fully demonstrate the continuous upgrading and transformation of the original design, new yarn and intelligent manufacturing development trend of Dalang wool industry, and will raise the "weaving expo" to a new level and show the world the new intelligence of China's wool industry manufacture. The whole China and the world. future.

What is the composition of polyester oxford cloth?

Oxford cloth is mainly composed of polyester and nylon. Today, what we share with you is polyester oxford cloth. Polyester Oxford fabric has a clear color point, a light fabric, good water resistance, bending resistance, antistatic, tensile and fire resistance. Polyester is composed of filaments and elastic filaments. Elastic yarns can be divided into high, medium and low elastic yarns. Polyester low-elasticity filament fibers are crimped, and polyester high-elasticity filament fibers are straight. Characteristics of polyester filament Strength: The strength of polyester fiber is almost twice that of cotton and three times that of wool. Therefore, polyester fabric is strong and durable. Heat resistance: It can be used at -70~170 C. It is the best heat resistance and thermal stability of synthetic fibers. Elasticity: The elasticity of polyester is close to that of wool, and its wrinkle resistance is better than other fibers. The fabric has no wrinkles and has good shape retention. Abrasion resistance: The abrasion resistance of polyester fiber is second only to nylon fiber and second only to synthetic fiber. Absorption: Polyester has low moisture regain and good insulation, but due to its low water absorption, high static electricity generated by friction and poor natural absorption of dyes, high temperature and high pressure dyeing is usually used for dyeing.     Elastic filaments can be divided into high, medium and low elastic filaments. High elastic elongation is high elastic filament, and vice versa is low elastic filament. High-elastic yarns are generally nylon and polypropylene yarns, and low-elastic yarns are generally nylon and so on. The special difference between high-elasticity filament and low-elasticity filament is that compared with low-elasticity filament, the bulkiness of the yarn is larger than that of low-elasticity filament, which requires more bending and drawing of high-elasticity filament. Finally showed obvious flexibility. The specifications of Oxford cloth usually do not know their meaning. Usually we are used to "D" as a representative, such as 1800D, 1680D, 1200D, 900D, 600D, 420D, 300D, 210D, 150D Oxford cloth. The larger the number in front of "D", the thicker the Oxford cloth, which is abrasion-resistant and durable. When the Oxford cloth is a white embryo, it has no characteristics and uses, but a powerful finishing process, so that the Oxford cloth can vibrate by itself, and it is waterproof, fireproof, anti-static, sunscreen, UV, mildew, and high temperature resistance. This is not simply to say that it needs to undergo professional testing and compliance.

2020/21 Autumn and Winter China Textile Fabric Trend Exhibition

On the morning of September 26, 2020/21, the China Textile Fabric Fashion Trend Show was grandly opened in the 4.2H-E Hall of the National Convention Center (Shanghai). Aiming at the pain points of the industry, the exhibition linked the textile and clothing industry chain in the form of a press conference, so that the fabrics were targeted, effectively supported the clothing design, and stimulated consumers' deep understanding of fashion and activated the clothing. Market, enhance competitiveness! Under such connotation and multi-faceted considerations, the organizers are specially supported by the China National Textile and Apparel Council and China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo. It is supported by China Textile Information Center, National Textile Product Development Center, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch, Textile Industry Vocational Skill Appraisal and Guidance Center, China Fashion Color Association and Frankfurt Exhibition. Lan (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and the China Textile Fabric Trend Research and Publishing Alliance were established. This version is supported by the research results of the China Textile Information Center and the National Textile Product Development Center, and is supported by high-quality fabrics from 8 outstanding textile companies including the China Textile Fabric Trend Research and Release Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Trend Alliance). During the China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Exhibition (Autumn and Winter), create professional, rich and cutting-edge fashion experience, Sun Ruizhe, President of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Xu Yingxin, Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council, and China National Textile and Apparel Council Chairman China Textile Information Center, Qiao Yanjin, Standing Director of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch, Liang Pengcheng, Director of National Textile Product Development Center, Li Binhong, Chairman of China Fashion Color Association Zhu Sha, Vice Chairman of Textile China International Trade Promotion Committee Changqing Branch, Senior General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Deputy Director of Productivity Promotion Department of China Textile Industry Federation Dong Kuiyong, Vice Chairman of China Textile Information Society Li Bo Center, Secretary-General of China Zhang Zhongtao International Trade and Textile Industry Promotion Committee, Chen Baojian, Chief Engineer of the National Textile Product Development Center, Hu Jian, Senior Vice President of Lenzing Group, William Kimbrel, Vice President of Asia Supply Chain Marketing, Cotton Incorporated, Lin Bei, Associate Director of Asia Supply Chain Marketing, Cotton Incorporated, and other important guests as well as People from all walks of life who follow the trend of China's textile fabrics. More than 500 people watched the press conference, which became the highlight of a series of publications on Chinese textile trends in the autumn and winter of 2020/21, as well as one of the highlights of the Intertextile exhibition.     The exhibition is based on the trend of Chinese textile fabrics in the autumn and winter of 2020/21. The concept of seasonal "adaptation" is the core of the show, which leads three themes: "humanity, melting freedom and modern interest". It was designed by Hu Hongsheng, a well-known fashion designer at home and abroad. It is guided by a team of senior directors and inferred from a first-line model. It will come from Ruyi wool garments in Shandong Province. Group Co., Ltd. (National Men's Worsted Fabric Trend Research Center), Lutai Textile Co., Ltd. (National Yarn-dyed Fabric Trend Research Center), Dali Silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (National Silk and Silk Trend Research Center, Jiangsu Sudan Wool Textile Co., Ltd. (National Women's Worsted Fabric Fashion Trend Research Center), American Cotton Co., Ltd. Lenzing Fiber (Shanghai) Textile Fabric Co., Ltd., Foshan Zhixing Textile and Garment Co., Ltd. (National Sifang Bullet Denim Product Development Base) and Tianhao International Zhejiang Aegis Textile Co., Ltd. (China's fashion fabric import company) and flexible intelligent design, "transcoding" is the T-stage clothing, which is displayed in the public eye wonderfully, and makes the fabric, clothing design and fashion trend more professional The industry content and other multi-dimensional forces can contribute to the consumer market, and its potential is self-evident.

Striped accessories, classic interpretation of a different sense of fashion

Striped elements are a choice for summer wear. Therefore, when you make a choice, especially the choice of urban style, you can create an elegant temperament through striped products, and different effects will appear. Take a look at the wear demonstration below. There are different combinations of a single product, a variety of different styles and styles, casual and simple to wear on the street, it is the first choice recommended by urban commuters. ►Wearing demonstration ♦Speaking of stripe style, whether it is color or style, it is a simpler style, please choose a soft color and choose. The combination of green striped blouse and light-colored plaid skirt in the picture above, casual literary attire or overall light color choice, light pink striped shirt and light pink skirt, simple color matching. ♦It is recommended to match with urban casual clothes, and then with simple striped tops and wide-leg pants. The light gray blue wide striped shirt and light-colored paper bag trousers in the picture above match casual style, bags and shoes. It is appropriate to choose white. There is also a combination of a short red T-shirt and skinny jeans, a combination of red stripes and blue, a simple tone and black. ♦Easy to wear, you can choose a simple black and white long striped shirt with black shorts for daily leisure and comfort. Or a simple combination of a long striped shirt and a suit, two loose style combinations, when you choose a bag for daily use, it is recommended to use a light color. ♦Casual outfits. There are two small styling options in the picture above, the sleek belly shape of the blue striped shirt and the combination of shorts, the color selection, the combination of cool shirts and warm shorts. Or, when choosing striped shirts, loose styles and shorts, and street strapless styles, please choose a dark bag and shoe combination. ♦When choosing a red striped shirt, it is a simple match for daily wear, and then it is recommended to choose white shorts and shoes, a simple color match, choose a loose shirt, and wear a variety of waist circumferences. When choosing a bag, a simple black bag is a good suggestion, and you can choose a pocket. ♦If you choose a blue striped shirt, when choosing a combination of overall shape and white pants, choose eight-quarter white straight-leg pants. The color of bags and shoes should also be white. The simple and generous shape will not go out of the street. Or it can be matched with black wide-leg pants, which has a simple temperament and light-colored bags. ♦Combination of casual and easy-to-wear, light blue striped shirt and light blue straight jeans, eight lengths of white booty, temperament out of the street style, black small handbag or shoulder bag. The clothes also have an overall blue hue, and then when choosing, it is recommended that the bag choose a white hue combination. ♦The warm color of the striped shirt, the combination of the yellow striped shirt and the magenta skirt, it is recommended to try the combination of tones, bright colors, bags and shoes are recommended to be white. Or choose a light-colored striped shirt and colorful suspender skirt, and use a colorful suspender skirt to change the overall shape. The styles of daily urban casual wear and stripe items are not trivial choices. The choice of elegant temperament is easy. For daily choices, pay attention to the overall color choice. Those different bag colors will help you choose fashionable streetwear. Especially when combining with skirts, it is recommended to choose simple skirts for different small styles and different skirt changes.
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